A correct booking


According to restaurant policy, to make and complete the booking you must:


- Make reservation through our website (in the section you see at the bottom).

- If at the time of making the reservation, only the option for 4 or more diners appears to you, a reservation cannot be made for a smaller group. If you book for 4 people and fewer people show up, you will be charged the full menu price for each person who is not present.

– A credit card will be requested in order to apply the cancellation policy; it is necessary to complete the booking. Important.

No amount will be charged at the time of booking.

Cancellation of the booking is free up to 12 hours before the lunch/dinner. If you cancel after this deadline or do not appear for your reservation, the restaurant reserves the right to charge the amount of €85 per diner.

– If the reservation has been made correctly, you will receive a confirmation email. Only in this case will the reservation be secured. Make sure of this. If you do not complete the personal data and/or do not enter the credit card the booking will not be completed.

Booking open until September.