Roots Kitchen

Our history

The restaurant is located in the old town of Sagunto. You will find it going up to The Castle of Sagunto, at number 18. We are lucky to have created Arrels in wonderful premises, the old knights of the Palace of the Dukes of Gaeta, a mediaeval palace of the 16th century. Two Gothic arcs, one Mozarabic and one Romanesque, are still preserved.

Just like roots seeking their food in the earth to feed themselves, at Arrels we look to the earth for the essence of our cuisine

Market kitchen


Vicky Sevilla

At only 25 years old she decided to open her first restaurant, Arrels, located in renovated 16th century stables in Sagunto.
She has participated in such important gastronomic events as the DNA Festival, by Quique Dacosta and Gastronoma Valencia.